The Risk of Lithotomy Position When in Labor

The lithotomy position is a standard delivery position that is widely practiced throughout the world. But if you are not careful, giving birth in this position can cause side effects that are not small. When giving birth normally, pregnant women are asked to lie down with both legs open, legs raised and knees bent. This position is called the lithotomy position. Not only during delivery, the lithotomy position is also often done during vaginal examinations or surgery in the pelvic area, such as urethral surgery, bowel surgery, bladder removal surgery, and tumor surgery at the tip of the large intestine and prostate. Various Complications Due to Lithotomy Position In labor, the lithotomy position is preferred by doctors because they can monitor the condition of the mother and baby more easily. But apparently, this position has several side effects, namely: Slowing the delivery process According to research, giving birth in a lithotomy position is thought to reduce the mother
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